Thursday, December 18, 2008

aww my heart strings this morning

are just going crazy for this beautiful bundle of joy! please please go check on this little girl and say warming thoughts for her family!

Monday, December 15, 2008

pics with santa..

um didn't go so well! pete didn't want that pic taken..he wanted off santa's lap. he just wasn't gonna do it this year..well little does he know he are gonna do it again! the pic that i have his hands are a blur...not the photographer's fault by no means!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas spirit

we have been getting into the Christmas spirit. we bought lights for the house to put up this weekend. we will also be getting the tree and setting it up! i have been enjoying seeing the Christmas spirit through the eyes of my children. Pete is 20MO now. the christmas spirit is running rampid through his eyes, with all the lights outside with the Christmas shows airing on TV, the saying of Santa. he says Snta~all the wishlists that are plastered to my fridge. it's so awesome to experience this. it's awesome that we are going to celebrate Jesus' birthday soon. with this being said: i want to you whoever reads this ol' blog to sit back and think about these delicate families that have lost love ones. i want you to pray for these families who have faced death of a child, husband granparent, mom, dad, sister or brother. we all need to face the earth and pray for these families. they are listed on my sidebar. pray for god to reveal himself in these families lives. pray for comfort in this holiday season when they can't see the Christmas spirit through the eyes of their precious babies because they aren't here. they are in the arms of our heavenly father. pray for strength and comfort in their heart of hearts. so remember to get down and pray tonight and continue praying for them! happy holidays..from my heart to you and yours...