Sunday, February 28, 2010

not me monday

well this should of been done a long time ago! this is my not me monday post. i surely was on time to baseball practice last week! i did call the babysitter and let her know didn't i? i didn't let the laundry explode again this weekend. nope i am on top of it! 2 loads a night! and my son didnt' have to wear pj's to the sitters house because i ran out of shout to clean the clothes!! WOW onto a another note, pete will be 3 in 9 days. mikey has a girlfriend and it has been really cool to see him with her. we had our first date on saturday. well , there were 3 of them at the mall,. got mikey some shoes @ the skateboard shop and boy do i wish i had my camera there! my 3 YO was riding the skateboard in the store! of course the store was empty though!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

happy 4th birthday lil aiden...

today is weighing on heart. some cousins in my husband's side of the family lost a perfectly whole lil boy 4 years ago. he was such a handsome lil boy but was born asleep. today i will pray for Melody and Brian as they clutch the memories of this child. today i will love stronger provide more i love you's and give momma kisses just a couple more than the usual. the parents have since had another lil boy, Ethan. he will turning 1 on the 16th. aiden, i know you are looking over your siblings. we will sending up 12 red balloons to you today. may you sit with Jesus and have a wonderful birthday while your sweet mom and dad wait to hold you in heaven~~