Sunday, October 18, 2009

pre AP classes, honor roll student

mikey brought home a report card w/ all A's and B's on it! i am so proud of him! he is in a special math class right now CML, if he continues through the whole year he will be rewarded and will also be able to go to AP classes in the sixth grade!! i am so proud!~!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

game ball, safety patrol and a little boys heart

well first thing first. mikey had a great game tonight. lost by one meaasly point. 9-8. mikey got the game ball, 3 key outs on second base. 2 runs on the board never struck out, and he was last @ bat, he hung in there foul tippin the ball when he got a piece of it, not swinging @ the balls either! so good. then he tells me mom i am in safety patrol. coming from a kid that says that's too neirdy mom i am not gonna do that! i am such a proud mother to a terrific 11 year old boy! thank you jesus for this wonderful gift you have given me. a child that will open doors for elder ladies, mom w/ kids hanging off her purse, a boy that says mom, that was nice of you to take that lady home. it's hot outside. a brother who is the best big bother in the whole world. a brother who has BUBBA on the back of his cap b/c that is what his youngest brother calls him!!!! i am so proud of my son each and every day!

Friday, October 2, 2009

one more prayer request

there is a little girl, Elle. yeah, you saw her on my sidebar. please go and click on the link and lift her family up in prayer. she had heart surgery. and just as cute as she can be!!! she will be soon going to a step down unit. Elle belle i just had to share ya hon!!!!

19-2 and a moment of silence

raro!! baseball game thursday nite. we got our butts handed to us that nite. we won the first game....13-4 though. i am so proud of mikey. he played awesome @ 3rd base and catching!! the very last play of the nite, mikey caught the strike. so there was no error on that play! go mikey. mikey has the heart of being catcher. mikey will put himself out there to do what it takes to catch that ball. mikey hussles like tommorrow to get the ball back to the pitcher. well when he has a runner on 3rd, he will hunt them down and try and tag em'. the coach really picked up on that and mikey was gloatin'. we got home thursday nite, i said a prayer w/ mikey and incorporated our next baseball game in that prayer. he was silent off to sleep. meanwhile, i stood next to his bed, just watching him drift off. and tears came to my eyes because i was such a proud momma. he is really maturing now he will whole heartedly into his baseball business. mikey won tickets to the texans game. pete now thinks he is a football player/baseball player. i am going to see if we as a family can have a baseball prayer/moment of silence for those who don't believe. what do you think? please leave a comment and let me know if i should take it all the way to the coach for this. i am going to come up w/ a baseball prayer for every game!! also, please pray that my parent teacher conference for tristan goes ok on monday. the teacher just says that she is doing a conference w/ all the parents.