Friday, July 25, 2008

to my maw-maw

maw maw you are so special to me. i appreciate all that you do for us. you have raised me since i was 13YO. i just wanted to write it out and tell her how much love her. she has drank many cups of coffee with me, watching the birds go by, squirrels playing in the back yard, she has always answered my calls for help as well as great news. she always stands up for me, she very concerned. she's MY HERO AND MY ROCK! I LOVE YOU MAW-MAW!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

the drive home 7/18/2008

today was mikey's last day @ VBX @ Second Baptist. i had picked my son up from his granny's house. on the way home we were discussing today's lecure from his new pastor. he graduated up to the 5-6 graders. he says in the calming yet so meaningful voice, mom pastor ______ says that when you are suffering and hurting, God is with you. WOW that coming from my 10YO precious son. i was so proud. my heart stung with greay joy hearing this from the very breath of my mikey. i am just still beside myself and i feel engulfed with peace right now. i feel just overwhelmed with calmness. my son @ 10YO can be a witness to this almighty Creator!!! thank you Jesus for allowing those words to speak to me tonight. for you have given me 3 precious gems called children. for that i am forever in eternity greatful. i am just rambling.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

July 2nd

today was mikey's birthday! we had a nice party for him! grandpa bobby came in and bought some stuff! mel bryan and the kids came over. PawPaw came over as well. tonight, my son asked me to lay next to him for a coupla of minutes! i snuggled next to him and he actually put his arm around me and said i love you mom and thanks for giving me a birthday party! mikey i am so proud of you and love you with everything that i have!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

my mikey...

son i love you so very much! i hope your birthday was as special as you are to me! i am so proud of you! you make me shine..i am so proud to be called your mommy. let's have some fun @ splashway!! happy birthday