Friday, July 18, 2008

the drive home 7/18/2008

today was mikey's last day @ VBX @ Second Baptist. i had picked my son up from his granny's house. on the way home we were discussing today's lecure from his new pastor. he graduated up to the 5-6 graders. he says in the calming yet so meaningful voice, mom pastor ______ says that when you are suffering and hurting, God is with you. WOW that coming from my 10YO precious son. i was so proud. my heart stung with greay joy hearing this from the very breath of my mikey. i am just still beside myself and i feel engulfed with peace right now. i feel just overwhelmed with calmness. my son @ 10YO can be a witness to this almighty Creator!!! thank you Jesus for allowing those words to speak to me tonight. for you have given me 3 precious gems called children. for that i am forever in eternity greatful. i am just rambling.