Sunday, January 24, 2010

heros and 52 years of marriage.

tonight i went to the taste of texas with my family and my grandparents and celebrated pawpaw's birthday and their 52nd wedding anniversary. o how neat it was to experience this. we had a very very nice steak dinner and a awesome joyous evening! my grandma is my hero. she is one who has made me the person i have become and for that i forever grateful. i am thankful. they both always made me feel welcomed and loved. there was lots and lots of encouragement. strength. to the best grandparents a granddaughter could EVER have~~love you with the deepest part of my heart, your granddaughter bonny deanne.

Monday, January 18, 2010


i did not indulge in the nail salon and treat myself to a nail refill. i most certainly did not wait til the last minute tonight to figure out dinner. i certainly didn't take wonder how on earth i could get 5 kids + me to church on time sunday morning!! more to come! off to prepare my menu last minute dinner!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Haiti this is just aweful. i have been watching the news too much. being consumed. wishing i could do more other than just pray and maybe donate a couple of dollars here and there! i wish i could bring a child home and take care of that child!! bathing clothing and most of all, feeding that child. no child should ever go w/out food. @ bible study we are learning to think of 1 word to best describe our hearts in 2010. i picked THANKFUL. there is so much to be thankful for. i don't have to look around a whole lot to see that!! what word will you choose to best describe your heart????

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

baby clothes.

today i rest in the fact that my husband and i will be able to get pregnant! most of my baby clothes went to the local pregnancy help center. the rest, well, hopefully i can find someone that can take some clothing and make a lil blanket out of it!!! so i can touch and remember in the latter years the premie stuff that pete used to wear!! this is so hard~o well! no more starting over, diapers, 2 kids in daycare etc....i will go and get my nephew!!! thank god for tied tubes!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

it's been a week already

i have came up with a new goal. i am a smoker. i told myself i am not smoking in the car anymore. today was my first day and i am so proud of myself. i am very pleased to know that mikey and tristan is going back to school tommorrow~the 6th. thank you god. we have added an addition to our family. a chihuahua! 5 months old. white and tan. her tail is longer than her body. when she wags her tail, her whole body just shakes. too cute. she has been a joy to have. her name is daisy. she really hasn't been one to be barking all the time at just little things. petie loves her to death. it's so cute. we have moms group next monday and i couldn't be any more excited and ready!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

out with 2009 and in with 2010

well 09 was a good year. i will make 2010 the best year. i vow to myself and kids to do better~ i vow to give myself QUALITY TIME. i will get myself out of the house(weather permittinig) with the kids. i will do better and focus on them and not the house! house comes after bedtime! i have vowed to take my 18 days of vacation before december of next year. i will use up all my 50 hours of sick time. i will take off when my kids are off (boss lady has to approve). this year is going to be all around better!!! so here's to us 2010~~ be good~~~