Tuesday, January 5, 2010

it's been a week already

i have came up with a new goal. i am a smoker. i told myself i am not smoking in the car anymore. today was my first day and i am so proud of myself. i am very pleased to know that mikey and tristan is going back to school tommorrow~the 6th. thank you god. we have added an addition to our family. a chihuahua! 5 months old. white and tan. her tail is longer than her body. when she wags her tail, her whole body just shakes. too cute. she has been a joy to have. her name is daisy. she really hasn't been one to be barking all the time at just little things. petie loves her to death. it's so cute. we have moms group next monday and i couldn't be any more excited and ready!!!

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