Monday, January 26, 2009

baseball checklist

paid for ball check got baseball bat bag check bat check cleats check the cutest kid on the diamond double check~!! it's soon to be here~~baseball time!! back to the fields we go~

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

march for dimes

well i hope this widget works. i love this company and plan to walk again this year w/ team manna! if i win the lottery most of my proceeds would go to there!

Magdalena's blog

this lil one really is tugging at my heart this morning. what such a beautiful lil girl with parents that have a heart of gold. swing by her blog and let her parents know that you are praying for them! they need peace...her blog is listed on the left side bar..o love that won't let me go blog.

Monday, January 12, 2009


at 8PM on friday the 9th, i am looking at hubby's cell phone. there's a pic of a brown horse~~belated Christmas gift. his name is Brownie. i will be posting pics very soon. he's a line back dun quarter horse~truely amazing horse. the look in eyes just sparkles letting me know that there's some riding to do. this horse is well probably 2YO. not for sure at this point. Brownie is saddle broken..thank you jesus! i can't not wait to put saddle him and see what he's got. i know he's got some fire under those hooves! i know..too much of a horse for me is what i am thinking. maybe not!! he's got the sweet feed hay 2 acres and 3 stalls all by himself. next to his pasture...he's got horse friends. all 5. some studs and mares!! here's to you brownie! can't wait to see what your made of my studd muffin!

Friday, January 2, 2009

a mom, boy pandhandler=joy

as i driving back to work in my 10YO son in tow, i had seen a lady with a sign. i didn't have time to read it. i had some extra cash and my son had a extra taco from taco i pulled out 2 bucks to give this lady, my son says "o mom, give her my taco" so we gave her everything. as i driving i looked at Mikey, he looked at me and we both smiled. my eyes burned as the tears started coming. i looked back at Mikey with no words as i trying not to have him see the tears. "mom i am so proud of myself" he says. i am so proud of him. he brings such joy happiness in my life. what a wonderful way to start the new year!