Saturday, August 22, 2009

a lot of this and a little bit of that

well, i guess i am a little late for the NMM this week. i have realized it has been so long since i posted anything on here if anyone should care to read. the kids are doing great. mikey and tristan will both start school on monday~the 24th. i am really excited about that. mikey will be starting baseball this fall. tristan i think is doing much better trying to out grow some of the social and behavioral issues. pete well he is potty trained. we advanced from 101 to like 110~ go petey, i am so very proud of all my children. i have all the paperwork ready for mikey to take to school on monday. i am wanting him to get an extra 30 min of recess. i have come to the conclusion that i give my job more attention than that of my son's tuesday folder during the school year. well i have vacation time for a reason. i am going to get more involved in mikey's school and it will stay that way. well tristan's too! for any take home projects, welcome desk, anything. i have signed up to do the JA volunteer as well. i want my son to have made a great impression in the lives of these teachers/staff when he leaves that campus. my son was labeled and held back in 2nd grade. he as stole the hearts of many teachers in those halls at his elementary school. tristan's teacher really liked him last year, he has excellant qualities and is extremel smart. i will miss her terribly. tristan's class aid from last year will be with his new teacher as well. i hope that tristan doesn't run over her like like a finely tuned lawn mower~for real. petey well, he's sporting it with his big boy underroos and independent as the day is long! good night to all m children, may jesus be with~ as you are all tucked into bed by a very sleepy momma~~~i love you my sweet mikey tristan and petey! all of you are momma's heros and give me the strength to trek forward daily....i hope nothing but the best for mikey and tristan on their first day of school~

Sunday, August 9, 2009

way to end the weekend

tonight pete and i took lil pete to his first b-day party. well outside of the family's b-day. he had a blast at chuck e cheese's tonight. i am going to post some pictures and get rid of some the old ones. i am so hapy to be on here. i am craving me some NM o darnit i forgot the abbreviations. off to bed i go! i am off monday and tuesday! go me i scored some vacation hours.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

we are up and running...

thanks to comcast! yippppppppeeeeeeeeeeeee~