Sunday, November 29, 2009

giving thanks.

i am thankful for god that truly continues to bless our family. i am thankful for the health of children. i am thankful for our vehicles. our cars to get us to work. i am thankful for our home. i am thankful for our family that helps us with the kids @ the drop of a hat. our health.

Monday, November 16, 2009


all this past week, i have been on scheduled vacation. i have not been in pj's more times than not. i have not let my all of our laundry pile up. i have not just barely gotten by with dinner ideas. we certainly did not eat 99 cent coney dogs b/c i didn't feel like cooking yesterday. i certainly did not use the excuse that the top of my foot feels broken so i am just gonna lay here on the couch and watch TV. what is your NMM? link it to mckmama's site. this is therauputic!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

no more baseball

well that sums it up! we lost last night. 13-7. mikey got on base 2x and struck out once. dang fielding mistakes again! we had a great time though!! just relaxing some more with my vacation time. getting stuff done that i wanted/needed to. mikey has teacher luncheon tommorrow so i wil be there with soup and pasta salad in tow! what fun that will be! i am excited. friday is my meeting @ the school for the Christmas party. i will not Winter Party!!! hehe. which is ridiculous to begin with. o well at least they can have a party of some kind. this is mikey's last year @ elementary school and i WILL NOT MISS any part of it if i can help it!!! another thing, stellan he is progressing after his very risky procedure. stop by and drop a word of encouragement! mom is there alone with stellan. i am sure she could use every bit of her comments to lift her spirits!!!!o well. off to the store to get my stuff.

Monday, November 9, 2009

heaviest of hearts

over this weekend, i went to check on Gavin Owens. god bless his sweet family. i do not know this family personally, but their 2 year old just stole a huge piece of my heart. i keep finding myself going back several times over the past few days checking on him. my heart just is so sad for this family. i did a 5K walk in honor of Gavin over the summer with a family here in houston. getting back to our weekend however, we had a game on saturday and grandpa bobby and unca brad came. then we went to eat dinner! that was a huge treat. on sunday, loaded up the kids and went to church. afterwards, we played a game parents vs kids. just what the doc ordered for my spirits. there was so much laughter and just spending quality time with my boys! so so much fun!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

gavin owens.

you have come to my blog. great! please go to and say a prayer for their family as this little boy is loosing his battle with MITOCHONDRIAL DISEASE! his family needs to lifted to Lord today. my heart just aches for this child. in memory of Gavin. may you rest in peace little one.

play ball and vacation.

we have been cleaning and getting ready for our first game of the tournament today! enjoying the beautiful weather here just outside of houston texas. i just wanted to come on and say what a awesome week busy week this has been for me. god is so great to me and my family. i had a parent teacher conference w/ tristan's teacher this week. he is right on track academically, behavior is still a small challenge! his teacher is awesome! and mikey's conference was friday. that went well too. got some discouraging news and some wonderful news. out of all the kids in mikey's class, he is the only one who truly wholeheartedly asks the teacher if he can help do anything. he is on the safety patrol and doing well. he is also in a class called CML it's a math league, class. they are not graded however it is extremely dificult problem solving for math! he is doing ok. he didn't want to participate at all wednesday. so i am having to sit down w/ him and pound it in his brain about not quiting!! both of these kids are so smart! and i could not be any more proud of my children! i am out on vacation from this weekend til next monday! i am interviewing for a part time job @ toyrus on monday as well. go me.. here we come bills!!!