Monday, November 9, 2009

heaviest of hearts

over this weekend, i went to check on Gavin Owens. god bless his sweet family. i do not know this family personally, but their 2 year old just stole a huge piece of my heart. i keep finding myself going back several times over the past few days checking on him. my heart just is so sad for this family. i did a 5K walk in honor of Gavin over the summer with a family here in houston. getting back to our weekend however, we had a game on saturday and grandpa bobby and unca brad came. then we went to eat dinner! that was a huge treat. on sunday, loaded up the kids and went to church. afterwards, we played a game parents vs kids. just what the doc ordered for my spirits. there was so much laughter and just spending quality time with my boys! so so much fun!

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