Wednesday, November 11, 2009

no more baseball

well that sums it up! we lost last night. 13-7. mikey got on base 2x and struck out once. dang fielding mistakes again! we had a great time though!! just relaxing some more with my vacation time. getting stuff done that i wanted/needed to. mikey has teacher luncheon tommorrow so i wil be there with soup and pasta salad in tow! what fun that will be! i am excited. friday is my meeting @ the school for the Christmas party. i will not Winter Party!!! hehe. which is ridiculous to begin with. o well at least they can have a party of some kind. this is mikey's last year @ elementary school and i WILL NOT MISS any part of it if i can help it!!! another thing, stellan he is progressing after his very risky procedure. stop by and drop a word of encouragement! mom is there alone with stellan. i am sure she could use every bit of her comments to lift her spirits!!!!o well. off to the store to get my stuff.

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