Monday, May 18, 2009

NMM, an undefeated team, can you say

CHAMPIONSHIP~~YEP~9-1 was the score on the blistering saturday. we are UNDEFEATED people. mikey had 1 strike out, 1 out and great base line hit saturday. go Twins....on to not me mondays. yep my weekly therapy. i did not allow mikey, who was sweaty after his game, go to a pool party immediately after the game. nope i take the kids home for a shower after every game and especially being sweaty. i did not eat out for almost meal over the weekend. nope i am the cook in our castle. i did not get to church late and then go on up to our Sunday school ready to go. i was not told OOPPSS~come back @ 9:30 next sunday ready to go. o and that i needed to probably get to church by 9:20 to get all the other hetherns off to class. nope that's other part of this mom being late. that wouldn't be me at all~~although i do need to touch on Dr young's study yesterday. boy i am hear to tell ya it hit me like a ton of bricks. he was teaching us in the book of 1 Peter. Chapter 5. Suffering, Grace and Glory. WHOA~we need to grow a christian like personality. i am on the highway to manifest this people. god puts us in the fournace. boy i am in the hot seat right now. we need to react in a good positive way. no in a negative. upon getting out of the fournace, we need to have a loving heart, humbled, not self centered. so this week, while feeling the heat, i am going to kneel to the earth and ask god to direct me and my heart mind and soul to create, to build a christian like personality. to respond in a better way to life's trials. ARE YOU? comment if you are. let's take a stand to try to more christ like.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


mikey won his last game in the tournement. go twins. he struck out once and got a hit. the ball was hit so hard that when the pitcher caught it, the glove almost fell off of his hand! go mikey. everything is going great. mikey has another game on saturday! i so hope we win that one. so we can rank first or second in the league~go twins.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


please stop by their blog and lift them up to the Lord today. Kayleigh is now resting with our sweet Jesus. o how my heart just physically aches for their family. she was never able to even come home to the crib or the nursery they had set up. their other kids really did not ever spend a whole lot of time with her due to her being so delicate. fly high on angel's wings Kayleigh. you will always be close in my heart and thoughts and prayers, beautiful sweet girl.

Monday, May 11, 2009

mother's day.

i had a great mother's day. i took mikey to the katy tiger's baseball game. he got a autographed ball by 3 of the players. saturday, i took him to the SBC Woodway campus. he got to play a little catch with lance burkman. saturday afternoon, he got a gorgeous base hit. got a another good hit, but out at first. BUT the score was 13 to zip~that in itself was awesome. then yesterday i got to go get my feet and eyebrows done. and food shopping all by myself. late yesterday afternoon, mikey mowed the backyard. he even watered a huge bit and tried to make it look all nice and pretty. the view from my kitchen window is wonderful~

Thursday, May 7, 2009

waterhose.a little boy.momma

what a way to end an awesome day yesterday. it first started out as playing catch with my youngest Pete. who literally sleeps with a glove and ball and most of the time a baseball cap. i am very serious BTW. so we were waitin' on dad to come home from work. well the catching kinda stopped. pete got bored. mom decides o my flowers are really dry. i will fill up my watering cans and pete can help. so after MANY trips to the outside faucet, i decided well, i will hook the water hose back up. it will be easier. save on my back.(mind you i am still in the same dress i wore to work~absorbed in the moment, i didn't take the time get out of work clothes) so we water some flowers. i pulled the hose in the front yard, while pete was helping. well, i one second pete had this look in his eyes like i am gonna get momma wet with this cool thing. he turns around and literally trying to get me wet with the water hose. little did he know, i got him wet. this went on for like after 15 minutes. after reading about Noah, i do believe last night was the best night i have ever had with Pete. hearing his little cackles, chasing him in around the yard in my dress, and watering flowers~love you petey pete. please go here and check out this little dude and his baby blues. my heart physically hearts for his mom and dad. SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT SHAKEN BABY SYNDROME~IT IS REAL.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

2nd base.

althought we lost, we still played a great game...mikey got a double. made an out @ home plate~ bummer., bad call on the ump. but of course there were other bad calls as well. oh well. still a great nail bitting game. the double elimination tourneys are starting on saturday @ 10AM. the best mother's day present would to be for mikey to make any base hits with no strike outs. mikey came to his daddy last night and said that he wanted to try out for catcher next year. those are where the bigger kids play. and the balls are thrown harder as well. so i am so hoping that mikey can try out for catcher and we buy up the gear this summer. he did so well. i am so proud. however, kids today can be so rude and ugly. there were boys in the dugout last night that i think said some ugly things to mikey. i wasn't happy about that. one of em', can't play 2nd base nor get contact with ball when he's at bat. mikey really got his feelings hurt. turned red. cried. didn't want to play. etc. bullies just need to stomped back in there place at times. oh well. there is prayer for those kiddos. GO TWINS~~

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

a momma's love note...

is tucked into mikey's game pants for tonight. i hope he reads it and has a cute lil grin on his face. it goes something like this: mikey, i am so proud of you. you are doing wonderful. i hope you have a great game. i will see you tonight. love you momma. sweet i know. i try to be the best mom out there~

guess what...

last night, we played the team that ranks second in our division, MUSTANG division. we were loosing up until the 4th inning. 3-6, not too shabby. however, come the 4th inning. mikey up to bat, he walks, good eye son...up comes the next player. he advances, and the next player. you get the picture. mikey is out on 3rd base. at this point we are 6-6 TIED UP~the final player makes a good contact with the ball. at that very moment, my son, makes the winning point. GO NUMBER 5 YOU ROCK~LET'S GO TWINS, LETS GO~we play tonight against the Astros. this is the team that beat the undefeatable team. AND this is the last game. of course until we play our double elimination tourney~i am so excited for mikey. son, you have come around so well in your baseball career. i think i just might have a AAA ball player going to the major leagues. his little prayer the night before last, was about the game last night and for him to a get a homerun, which BTW has happened~did i ever mention he is one our power hitters? and he continued on in his sweet prayer for Lance Burkman, which we are attending a baseball clinic on saturday starring Lance mommy heart is just so very proud and just in awe.

Monday, May 4, 2009

not me monday...

ummm let's see. over this past sunday i didn't not stay in my pj's all day long. in those same clothes, i certainly did not go outside and help my wonderful husband do yard work. i did not give my 2YO two donuts yesterday morning because i didn't feel like cooking eggs at 8AM. i did not declare a clean the garage. only for my husband to do it because he knew i would throw a whiny fit. over this weekend, i did not declare all meals were DIY because i was too tired i mean lazy after turning in almost 9 hours of OT all last week. now it's your turn to air out the dirty laundry..after all, it does feel good to let it all out~have a blessed day...