Thursday, May 7, 2009

waterhose.a little boy.momma

what a way to end an awesome day yesterday. it first started out as playing catch with my youngest Pete. who literally sleeps with a glove and ball and most of the time a baseball cap. i am very serious BTW. so we were waitin' on dad to come home from work. well the catching kinda stopped. pete got bored. mom decides o my flowers are really dry. i will fill up my watering cans and pete can help. so after MANY trips to the outside faucet, i decided well, i will hook the water hose back up. it will be easier. save on my back.(mind you i am still in the same dress i wore to work~absorbed in the moment, i didn't take the time get out of work clothes) so we water some flowers. i pulled the hose in the front yard, while pete was helping. well, i one second pete had this look in his eyes like i am gonna get momma wet with this cool thing. he turns around and literally trying to get me wet with the water hose. little did he know, i got him wet. this went on for like after 15 minutes. after reading about Noah, i do believe last night was the best night i have ever had with Pete. hearing his little cackles, chasing him in around the yard in my dress, and watering flowers~love you petey pete. please go here and check out this little dude and his baby blues. my heart physically hearts for his mom and dad. SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT SHAKEN BABY SYNDROME~IT IS REAL.

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