Tuesday, May 5, 2009

guess what...

last night, we played the team that ranks second in our division, MUSTANG division. we were loosing up until the 4th inning. 3-6, not too shabby. however, come the 4th inning. mikey up to bat, he walks, good eye son...up comes the next player. he advances, and the next player. you get the picture. mikey is out on 3rd base. at this point we are 6-6 TIED UP~the final player makes a good contact with the ball. at that very moment, my son, makes the winning point. GO NUMBER 5 YOU ROCK~LET'S GO TWINS, LETS GO~we play tonight against the Astros. this is the team that beat the undefeatable team. AND this is the last game. of course until we play our double elimination tourney~i am so excited for mikey. son, you have come around so well in your baseball career. i think i just might have a AAA ball player going to the major leagues. his little prayer the night before last, was about the game last night and for him to a get a homerun, which BTW has happened~did i ever mention he is one our power hitters? and he continued on in his sweet prayer for Lance Burkman, which we are attending a baseball clinic on saturday starring Lance Burkman....my mommy heart is just so very proud and just in awe.

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