Wednesday, May 6, 2009

2nd base.

althought we lost, we still played a great game...mikey got a double. made an out @ home plate~ bummer., bad call on the ump. but of course there were other bad calls as well. oh well. still a great nail bitting game. the double elimination tourneys are starting on saturday @ 10AM. the best mother's day present would to be for mikey to make any base hits with no strike outs. mikey came to his daddy last night and said that he wanted to try out for catcher next year. those are where the bigger kids play. and the balls are thrown harder as well. so i am so hoping that mikey can try out for catcher and we buy up the gear this summer. he did so well. i am so proud. however, kids today can be so rude and ugly. there were boys in the dugout last night that i think said some ugly things to mikey. i wasn't happy about that. one of em', can't play 2nd base nor get contact with ball when he's at bat. mikey really got his feelings hurt. turned red. cried. didn't want to play. etc. bullies just need to stomped back in there place at times. oh well. there is prayer for those kiddos. GO TWINS~~

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