Monday, April 27, 2009

baseball game, clothes and very sick babies

well we had a great weekend. mikey won his baseball game. 9-5 very very good game. mikey played 3rd base all 4 innings. it was just an awesome game~go twins. you guys rock. i had a very productive weekend. i went through all of the boys clothes this weekend. so no more laundry. i don't want to even think about filling the washer again. i went to bible study yesterday. i was some kinda soaked up with wonderful words yesterday. my spirit restored. my outlook very different. on the flip side, i come in this morning spend a couple of moments reading up on these babies that i follow. ( i know i can't help it) and my heart phsyically aches for these kiddos and their families. miss kayleigh..well that's enuf for me to start crying again. scrumpoius stellan..little gavin..this is just aweful. for all of you who are reading this, tonight and every night, say a precious sweet prayer for all these kids who are just so sick and rejoice in the Lord for those of you whose kids aren't in a hospital and healthy.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

6-5 the score

yep we won last. mikey put 2 out of the 6 points on ol' scoreboard. yippeeee. did i ever mention i am so proud of this child. i mean truly. he really has come a long way in into this whole baseball thing. he actually isn't striking out every time he goes up to bat. silently. i didn't know that he would be able to be one of our power hitters. i mean talk about a great hit. line drive center field, so fast the short stop couldn't catch it. almost a double. But the coach didn't want to chance an out. way to go first base coach. mikey was diagnosed with ADHD. he was on meds a while back. held back in the 3rd grade. now he's off the meds AB and very high C's on the report cards, his heart is at school and on the baseball diamond and helping others. i will go on to say that my child is pondering how he can help my grandma's neighbor who basically has no hair from cancer brain tumors and lies in a hospital bed and my 10 YO child is thinking about giving her 1/2 of his lawn mowing money. really. i. mean. that. he goes and mowes her yard. makes it look really pretty. her family doesn't have that expense to hire the lawn guy. tonights game score will come tommorrow! GO TWINS........

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

stellan matty matt and a legacy

ladies, please stop by these blogs. they are both on the left side of my blog. stellan is in surgery and our prayor warriors need to double~lol. ***************************************** matty matt went home to be the King of Kings. stop by there place and drop of line of encouragement. _________________________________ and for the finally~i went to MOPS last night @ Second Baptist Chrurch, west campus. it was tear filled i am tellin ya'. i realized last night that i have bad habits to break in the mothering hat that i wear. really i do~our guest speaker last night spoke about this. we can think of running a race..the mother race as i call it. we are proud, we have our baton flying high in the air, and we are just running along in our little worlds. our children are behind us watching us, learning, etc. and BAM~the baton is handed off to the oldest child. he's grown up. the younger years are gone. middle school comes and goes. then high school. before you know it, our oldest is off to college. they are still holding onto the baton. they have watched us all this time. the point i am trying to make is last night i learned not to take one second of our childrens youth for granted. always find the good in the bad and ugly. becasue what we are doing now, is all balled up in the baton that our children are going to take with him. that my friends, is the perfect analogy for these younger years. i want to pass my baton with nothing BUT my kids memories being awesome. i want them to sit back one day and say nothing but great things about my legacy. you see your legacy is what you leave behind. your relationships. that's what life is all about~what legacy will you leave behind?????????

Friday, April 17, 2009

well why baseball of course

ok ok. call me an addict. Mikey won his game last night. GO TWINS... 11-8 was the final score.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

sweet stellan

please please pray for this little boy. i know he's very popular and a lot of people have seen their site. a lot of people have been following his story since he was in utero. stellan~you have many prayer warriors out there sweet boy. hang in there..

Friday, April 10, 2009

and the score was...

8-9. the last inning nail biting..edge of your seat, mikey was up to bat. runner on second. mikey had only 1 strike, 0 balls. runner on second stole to third and BAM ump says it could have been a tie! mikey did wonderfully. he got a line drive hit right down the middle of that field, passing the short stop and into the outfield!~ they all played a beautiful game~~ go mikey i am so proud...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

potty training 101

pete went pee in the potty all by himself last night!!!!!!!!! go pete go!!! mikey has a game last night if it doesn't rain...GO TWINS..........

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

comments, mini van, one excited baseball mom

thanks to the lovely couple i have comments on my blog. i feel so special. i know that people stop by and probably want to leave a comment or so and now they can feel free to do so. doing the happy dance~yipppeee. ok so i get excited over little things. i am official a mini van driver. o how i love it! automatic doors that open with one button, space for the kids to move all around on trips or long rides, i have space for the groceries, ball bags chairs you name it fits. i have cup holder galore! thank you jesus for the blessings you have bestowed upon this Rubly family. we could not get where we going without you..

Friday, April 3, 2009


if you are stopping by, and know anything about how to add comments on this blog...please e-mail me! i don't know a thang as to how to add the comments. when i publish a post, i add, under post options, to allow comments. but then the link does not appear. please help if you know how to add em'.

yep 0 and 3

the score for mikey's team, the Twins. we had to forfeit our game. making it a scrimmage. we won though. o well. mikey won the game ball. he's been playing really well at 3rd base. he had some warm ups for catching on Saturday. his heart is really into it this season. which makes this momma proud~~i love you mikey and i am so very proud of you son..

Thursday, April 2, 2009

my heart

last night, as i lay on the couch this little boy and his precious family was really just weighing on my heart. this little boy Sage went to be with Jesus. his sweet smile has really just pulled me into his blog. i am praying not only this family, but many others. i truly see my children through different eyes now. i can not and will not take one slightest moment for granted with my boys. i have learned a tremendous amount of things in life through this blog land out there. when i think that i can not go on with life, when life's little bumps have pulled me down, it's not as bad as it could be. i have learned to rely on the ULTIMATE ONE. my God, MY JESUS for strength peace and comfort with these little families that are struggling through something i can not fathom. it is through these children, i have learned alot. i am very very thankful that i just clicked on their blogs and BAM learned to rely on God. i am learning my faith in God has truly gone through the roof. this is something that i am just learning about myself. i am just a newborn in my walk with the Lord. i was just recently baptised in just under a year ago. i am learning that God can do glorious things. i am learning that prayers, will do numerous things. i am learning that God has plans for each and every one of us. i want to know what plans he has in my life. i want to live for HIM. in doing this, HE is putting unexpected people in my life to learn from. for that i am very blessed. to Crystal and Spencer~~ i am truly sorry for your family. Sage has pulled at my heart strings. his smile is contagious. i am praying w/out ceasing for your family. STELLAN~~~LITTLE MAN~~i hope you have a blessed uneventful, restful day. i hope your heart will go in the direction it has to go. and all the beats conjoin perfectly, sweet baby boy. it is with a heavy heart, that i am praying again, not only for these two families but for all the ones i am following.