Tuesday, April 21, 2009

stellan matty matt and a legacy

ladies, please stop by these blogs. they are both on the left side of my blog. stellan is in surgery and our prayor warriors need to double~lol. ***************************************** matty matt went home to be the King of Kings. stop by there place and drop of line of encouragement. _________________________________ and for the finally~i went to MOPS last night @ Second Baptist Chrurch, west campus. it was tear filled i am tellin ya'. i realized last night that i have bad habits to break in the mothering hat that i wear. really i do~our guest speaker last night spoke about this. we can think of running a race..the mother race as i call it. we are proud, we have our baton flying high in the air, and we are just running along in our little worlds. our children are behind us watching us, learning, etc. and BAM~the baton is handed off to the oldest child. he's grown up. the younger years are gone. middle school comes and goes. then high school. before you know it, our oldest is off to college. they are still holding onto the baton. they have watched us all this time. the point i am trying to make is last night i learned not to take one second of our childrens youth for granted. always find the good in the bad and ugly. becasue what we are doing now, is all balled up in the baton that our children are going to take with him. that my friends, is the perfect analogy for these younger years. i want to pass my baton with nothing BUT my kids memories being awesome. i want them to sit back one day and say nothing but great things about my legacy. you see your legacy is what you leave behind. your relationships. that's what life is all about~what legacy will you leave behind?????????

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