Thursday, April 23, 2009

6-5 the score

yep we won last. mikey put 2 out of the 6 points on ol' scoreboard. yippeeee. did i ever mention i am so proud of this child. i mean truly. he really has come a long way in into this whole baseball thing. he actually isn't striking out every time he goes up to bat. silently. i didn't know that he would be able to be one of our power hitters. i mean talk about a great hit. line drive center field, so fast the short stop couldn't catch it. almost a double. But the coach didn't want to chance an out. way to go first base coach. mikey was diagnosed with ADHD. he was on meds a while back. held back in the 3rd grade. now he's off the meds AB and very high C's on the report cards, his heart is at school and on the baseball diamond and helping others. i will go on to say that my child is pondering how he can help my grandma's neighbor who basically has no hair from cancer brain tumors and lies in a hospital bed and my 10 YO child is thinking about giving her 1/2 of his lawn mowing money. really. i. mean. that. he goes and mowes her yard. makes it look really pretty. her family doesn't have that expense to hire the lawn guy. tonights game score will come tommorrow! GO TWINS........

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