Monday, April 27, 2009

baseball game, clothes and very sick babies

well we had a great weekend. mikey won his baseball game. 9-5 very very good game. mikey played 3rd base all 4 innings. it was just an awesome game~go twins. you guys rock. i had a very productive weekend. i went through all of the boys clothes this weekend. so no more laundry. i don't want to even think about filling the washer again. i went to bible study yesterday. i was some kinda soaked up with wonderful words yesterday. my spirit restored. my outlook very different. on the flip side, i come in this morning spend a couple of moments reading up on these babies that i follow. ( i know i can't help it) and my heart phsyically aches for these kiddos and their families. miss kayleigh..well that's enuf for me to start crying again. scrumpoius stellan..little gavin..this is just aweful. for all of you who are reading this, tonight and every night, say a precious sweet prayer for all these kids who are just so sick and rejoice in the Lord for those of you whose kids aren't in a hospital and healthy.

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