Thursday, April 2, 2009

my heart

last night, as i lay on the couch this little boy and his precious family was really just weighing on my heart. this little boy Sage went to be with Jesus. his sweet smile has really just pulled me into his blog. i am praying not only this family, but many others. i truly see my children through different eyes now. i can not and will not take one slightest moment for granted with my boys. i have learned a tremendous amount of things in life through this blog land out there. when i think that i can not go on with life, when life's little bumps have pulled me down, it's not as bad as it could be. i have learned to rely on the ULTIMATE ONE. my God, MY JESUS for strength peace and comfort with these little families that are struggling through something i can not fathom. it is through these children, i have learned alot. i am very very thankful that i just clicked on their blogs and BAM learned to rely on God. i am learning my faith in God has truly gone through the roof. this is something that i am just learning about myself. i am just a newborn in my walk with the Lord. i was just recently baptised in just under a year ago. i am learning that God can do glorious things. i am learning that prayers, will do numerous things. i am learning that God has plans for each and every one of us. i want to know what plans he has in my life. i want to live for HIM. in doing this, HE is putting unexpected people in my life to learn from. for that i am very blessed. to Crystal and Spencer~~ i am truly sorry for your family. Sage has pulled at my heart strings. his smile is contagious. i am praying w/out ceasing for your family. STELLAN~~~LITTLE MAN~~i hope you have a blessed uneventful, restful day. i hope your heart will go in the direction it has to go. and all the beats conjoin perfectly, sweet baby boy. it is with a heavy heart, that i am praying again, not only for these two families but for all the ones i am following.

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