Tuesday, March 10, 2009

march 9~~MOPS meeting

here lately, i have been praying really hard for myself and my mothering ability. i have been praying for God to give me soft eyes, easy words, loving hands and a heart that is warm. this has been done over and over..(they say to pray with perserverance) i am now @ that point to understand this in my walk with God. last night March 9, 2009, was my monthly MOPS meeting. God was encouraging me to go. so i went. little did i know, that this meeting was designed with bonny in mind. there was a guest speaker. Gena. Gena spoke about things to give to your children. G. I. F. T..she called it. it goes like this.... G IS FOR GRACE I IS FOR IDENTITY F IS FOR FAITH T IS FOR THANKFULNESS for those of you who are reading this post, god was speaking to me last night. in addition to my prayers for the above mentioned things, he allowed me to take a one baby step. one more step of me asking for same things every time. thank you Gena for giving me this GIFT that i can give my children along with soft eyes, easy words, loving hands and a warmed heart. God has blessed us in so many ways even in the trialing times we are enduring. i am exactly sure if i am making any sense in all of this..i just know that i am understanding prayer and how all of this works. i am just a tiny infant in my walk with God. i can't wait to see what lies ahead..the plan that Jesus has for me. my point is this morning, pray with perserverance. if you have something on your heart, pray for the same things over and over and God will listen! my relationship with my children has only gotten better. my mothering skills has over exceeded my expectations because of prayer~~~thank you Jesus for always being there and listening to me and my prayers for my children. i love you Jesus!

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