Monday, March 9, 2009

pete the birthday boy mom loves you so much little man

Pete, today is your birthday. you have turned the big 2~~i just wanted to let you know how much mommy loves you. ever since that very second i layed eyes on you in the Operating Room, you have brought so much joy and happiness in my life. you have brought so many smiles to mom's face. i just love you so much and everyday you just keep getting so big. you know last night, when we went horse back riding together, yeah we were in the same saddle and all..that very moment will be forever etched in my heart and mind...the wind was blowing slightly through your hair, you were being such a big boy, hanging onto the saddle horn, with your little body that trusted me in every inch of movement on our horse Brownie. that was such a very special moment for are the apple of my eye .i love you today forever and always Petey Pete.

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