Monday, March 2, 2009


my and husband and i went horseback riding this weekend. and can we say SORE? we put pete on Brownie and he went for a ride! he sat up in the saddle and every once in a while he would pat brownie and pet him as well! too cute. YEAH! we also have aquired a new horse. not sure what how old, but she's very scrowny. so we have taken her under our wings. we also went to Pete and Mikey's first rodeo here in Katy~it was so much fun!! pete sat next to me in the bleachers watching the barrel racers, as soon as they were done, he would look right at me, throw his hands up and ask "momma, whr they go"~too cute and so innocent! mikey had a blast just taking everything in! he went to the carnival as well.

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