Tuesday, October 6, 2009

game ball, safety patrol and a little boys heart

well first thing first. mikey had a great game tonight. lost by one meaasly point. 9-8. mikey got the game ball, 3 key outs on second base. 2 runs on the board never struck out, and he was last @ bat, he hung in there foul tippin the ball when he got a piece of it, not swinging @ the balls either! so good. then he tells me mom i am in safety patrol. coming from a kid that says that's too neirdy mom i am not gonna do that! i am such a proud mother to a terrific 11 year old boy! thank you jesus for this wonderful gift you have given me. a child that will open doors for elder ladies, mom w/ kids hanging off her purse, a boy that says mom, that was nice of you to take that lady home. it's hot outside. a brother who is the best big bother in the whole world. a brother who has BUBBA on the back of his cap b/c that is what his youngest brother calls him!!!! i am so proud of my son each and every day!

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