Sunday, February 28, 2010

not me monday

well this should of been done a long time ago! this is my not me monday post. i surely was on time to baseball practice last week! i did call the babysitter and let her know didn't i? i didn't let the laundry explode again this weekend. nope i am on top of it! 2 loads a night! and my son didnt' have to wear pj's to the sitters house because i ran out of shout to clean the clothes!! WOW onto a another note, pete will be 3 in 9 days. mikey has a girlfriend and it has been really cool to see him with her. we had our first date on saturday. well , there were 3 of them at the mall,. got mikey some shoes @ the skateboard shop and boy do i wish i had my camera there! my 3 YO was riding the skateboard in the store! of course the store was empty though!!!

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