Monday, March 3, 2008

birthday for Pete

it pains me to have my son's first birthday in 7 days. i can not have any more kids and this is the VERY last first birthday i will have til Grandbabies come. it brakes my heart. my Pete is growing so fast and i am not ready for this! i just wish i could keep him from growing for a little bit longer!! LOL... i love you pete you have brought so much JOY and LOVE into my have made mom stop and smell the roses. enjoy life to the fullest opened my eyes to blessings. you have inspired me. you smile and the whole world lights up, you put your lips on mine just to have mommy make little noises for you. those are my kissess that will hold my heart forever. i am so proud of you Pete. you have every single inch my heart. you are trying to walk, you are eating so good, mommy has bought you a whole bunch of stuff for your 1 year old birthday. it's a secret. you will see on on saturday...your party.