Thursday, October 23, 2008

o what would this be like a~ 10YO love story

my son 10YO found a elemantary love! this girl went to mikey's school. she had to move away. for the longest time my son thought that place was New York. i mean this little doll has wormed her way in my son's heart. every night, mikey would say, mom i wish i could see____ again. o how i miss her mom. i just want to see her again. tuesday night, ball field, we are there to see mikey's cousin play a good ol' baseball game! we were leaving and mikey found a lil girl who looked liked ____. he walks away, comes back MOM IT'S ____!!! MOM ITS' HER!! just astounded! he was so beside himself, heart fluttering i am sure. so i went to meet this girl and and her mom. as we were making it to the car, i said hey go give her your number and you can talk to her on the phone, although they did play @ recess together. anywho, we were pulling into wal-mart. he says "mom if she calls this is what i would say my son" you know what" __ "what" My son"i love you" oh how those words pierced my heart. my eyes were stinging b/c i was holding back those itty bitty tears. my thoughts goes as follows: i know my son loves me i know that i have a special place in his little heart. i know that 1 DAY MY SON WILL MARRY, AND THAT TIE between mother and son will never be broken. the thought of mikey telling her i love just I DON'T KNOW HOW TO EXPLAIN IT! it just kinda hard b/c he said i love you to another female. i just want to his everything in my mommy heart i guess that's what i am trying to put down in feeling right now.