Tuesday, December 15, 2009

5th grade Christmas party,i am not POLITICALLY CORRECT this holdiay

i passed a sign on an automotive shop yesterday and it went a lil something like this~~WE ARE NOT POLITICALLY INCORRECT~~WE SAY HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS~~i do not dare call it the "WINTER PARTY"i will be a lil rebelious right now. i am off to get supplies for mikey's christmas party on friday morning!! i am so excited. i have to make 3 dozen cookies and get some grapes and napkins and h20!! i am getting antsy to go shopping but i just have to be still and patient right now for the funds to get in the account!!! our family is gonna have a special christmas and that is it! we are gonna have presents and spending time w/ family, and the best gift of all, Jesus Christ was born. he was born and died to save us from our sins!! that in and of itself is the best present of all!!! i have spent some time going thru clothes and baby items. i have some maternity stuff as well. so i am going thru and half will go to the pregnancy help center and the other half i have decided to drive downtown houston and drop this stuff off to the star of hope mission!! i am so excited!

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