Thursday, December 17, 2009

cookies 101

after reading every step of the receipe, very disappointed my cookies, didn't turn out the first time. pete had to wait a while and retry my dough!! o well. today was the best day eroff ever! i went with my brother and his maternal grandma. we went to eat @ a mexican restaurant, mall toyrus and best of cavenders. i saw the cutest pair of cowboy boots ever! a little bit above my budget, i have decided not to buy until later! they did have a pair of Justins~working boots just like what daddy wears the sales lady muttered. are you kiddin'? those are some serious toddler work boots. but o so darn cute!!! petie, santa will be bringing those to you for your o i got it, birthday!!! the kids have some awesome presents to receive from Santa!! i just feel really on cloud 10 b/c my brother and i had some bonding time, all of it was time spent thinking about my children! it was just a great day. i love you brad! you rock.i am so proud of you!

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