Monday, June 16, 2008

fathers day..

first i want to wish my heavenly father a happy fathers day. Jesus has really provided for our family!~ he has blessed me with a husband aka Pete. Pete is such a great dad to our children. no matter what we parents go through (amongst ourselves) he is still there for the boys. i can't even buy him enough things or do for him for what he has done for us. he is very stubborn @ times and so is mom, but we work through our differences. i love you pete! we grilled out steak and had baked tators for dinner. the great mawmaw and pawpaw came over for some joyous family time!! we love the pawpaw's too! i went to church yesterday. Pastor Young was preaching on WHAT LEGACY DO YOU WANT TO LEAVE? very interesting! i want to leave a great one to pass down to my boys and grandkids!