Monday, June 23, 2008

the night of june 23rd.

i went to console my 15MO Pete. he woke up crying. as i rocked him back to sleep in my arms, a song came to mind. the lerics something like: such a tiny offering compared to calvery, Emanuel God with us and repeat! i began to thank God for my family and the tiny offerings he has bestowed upon me. i was young when i had mikey and tristan. i always took for granted the joyous moments and didn't really know how to consume them. no i am not playing favorites. i love my boys all the same. God has said (not sure of the verse) be still and know that i am GOD and trust me i am doing just that!! he really is a loyal God. 1 that will no go away when you need him the most. 2 he loves me threw my flaws 3 he will provide 4 he is there for me. and so on. i just love you so much jesus adn i am greatful for all the blessings you have put on my plate.

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