Saturday, March 6, 2010

baseball in my heart for one son and a diagnosis for the middle child.

on the way to my oldest son's baseball practice i was praying aloud for my middle child. he was at a doctor's appointment. this was very last minute. there i sat in the driver's seat, praying. my youngest 3YO caught wind that i was saying something. he asked me what i was doing and i told him i praying! he said me too i praying too. he went on his little sweet baseball prayer. then he said something about his heart. i said is there a baseball in your heart and he says yes very proudly. thought that was really cute! then on March 17th we have a doctor's appointment for tristan's final diagnosis with the psychologist. he had his testing/eval today. they have put tristan on an additional medication in the evening to help calm him and boy does it ever! it also stays with him during the next day!

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