Tuesday, March 9, 2010

one two 3

today is Pete's third birthday! he knows how to hold up 3 fingers. it is cute. he hides his pinky finger. he is now 33+LBS, his vocabulary is getting bigger every day. he can county assisted to 3 sometimes 4. will sing the ABC song with a grownup. his favorite foods are kellog's fruit snacks, hot dogs, yogurt and speghetti. he loves noodles. you can find pete in any flower bed with a kid's shovel, dirty, not a care in the world, on a skateboard or in the dugout @ a baseball park! i took him to the airport to pick up daddy and accidentally parked int the wrong garage. so needless to say, we got a free train ride out of the deal! pics are coming. i love low batteries!

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  1. Been a bit since I visited but finally getting caught back up. Still love your blog....Cute background!