Saturday, March 20, 2010

for all the kids who have taught me a life lesson....

i have one kidney. i have been in the hospital since tuesday night. i have found out on the 18th of March @ 9:30PM, that i only have one kidney. the ER was great. signed in triaged, pain meds and in one room in like 45 minutes. the trip to floor five wasn't so much. i do not like to repeat myself. darn, i should of just had a record player playing over and over. i found out not to 100% trust the medical team. people said they would do stuff and didn't. gave the wrong kind of pain medication. once time though. do not like vicadin! major headaches with icky stuff. they sent me home with another pain medication. good.i am on an antibiotic as well. i am dealing with a kidney stone still hanging out doing it's hurtful thing! wow. never take the littlest things for granted. this post to all the little children who have taught me this along with way!!! i will not ever take the little stuff for granted! i will live my life better and be even more appreciative!!!

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